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Nominations for the UK Private Business Awards 2018 have now closed and the deadline to return all submission forms has passed.

Nominations for next year's Awards will open in February 2019. If you wish to be added to our mailing list for notifications, please sign up for email alerts here



Is there a fee to enter the awards? ▼

There are no costs to enter the UK Private Business Awards. 


Do the companies have to be UK headquartered? ▼

Please see information on eligibility here.


If I require further information on the nominations process, who should I contact? ▼

If you have any queries regarding the nominations process, or any queries about submission form questions, please contact the UK Private Business Awards team


Who can I contact with regards to the UK Private Business Awards dinner? ▼

For further information on sponsorship, purchasing a table at the event or any other queries regarding the dinner, please contact Jo Thomas on 01277 350557.


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